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Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Research

STEPS TO ATTEMPT Navigating the Reseach Landscape of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

  1. The total number of questions is 14.
  2. Every question is given four options, one is right and three others are wrong answers.
  3. Choose the correct option and solve each question.
  4. The submit button is below the last question, after attempting all questions please click on the submit button.
  5. The final result is shown on the display screen, check your answers.
  6. If you have any queries regarding this quiz, Please comment on it.

Welcome to your Navigating the Reseach Landscape of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Which of the statements about Systematic review is not true

The data input for Systematic review is

PRISMA is related to

Narrative review is limited to biased data selection

The USP of Systematic review is finding the "Magnitude" of the relationship between variables.

Meta-analysis is the Data analysis component of Systematic Review

Systematic review came from the Medical Field

The 'P' in PICO stands for

The P-value and significance in research papers is sufficient to assess the relation between two variables

Meta-analysis is a component of Systematic review

What is a distinguishing feature of systematic reviews compared to narrative reviews?

Which type of data is typically used as input for conducting a systematic review?

What does PRISMA stand for in the context of systematic reviews?

Meta-analysis, often a component of systematic reviews, serves primarily as:

Navigating the Reseach Landscape of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses


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